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Понеделник, 30 Март 2020


Choose your self


Eventus initiates the holding of special antis tress activities on the laziest day of the week  - the Sunday.  We suggest that you traded your usual way of relaxing with something much more valuable and exciting. Interesting programs in the span of several hours, which will fill you with positive energy that will last.  Try, we are positive that you will come back. We have chosen to start this series of Sundays with one magical relax – though music. Spend some time in the here and now! Hear and express your self! Reach the people around you with the help of rhythm. After that we have an  art weekend, dedicated to the painting on silk. We offer you non traditional way of relaxation  - Art in extremely pleasant and creative atmosphere. Fill your self with positive energy and enthusiasm! Steal some time just for your self!Expect also “cigar temptation”, special family programs, relaxation in accordance with the principles of Chinese philosophy (thui show&chi gong) and many others....

The end of marketing as we know it

Eventus is starting seminar series aiming to cover the latest trends in the world of Marketing, PR and Advertisement. The first seminar will elaborate on the Guerrilla and Viral Marketing. It is scheduled for the mid of February 2010. If you join us in this journey you will learn how to reach wider audience and stimulate your business in a relatively small budget. The expected primary investments are time, energy, and imagination. If you manage to utilize them you are on your way to success.

More information: www.marketing.eventus-bg.com
Promotional campaign, Zoom Ltd.

Fascinating promotional campaign of Zoom Ltd. for Christmas was developed by Eventus. Zoom is one of the largest Internet providers in the city of Pernik. The last phase of the campaign took place on 12th and 13th of December. Our smiley promoters were very well accepted by the audience, being in perfect harmony with the Christmas spirit.
Team building of the Java Server team, SAP Labs Bulgaria

19-20 November. One of the Bulgarian development teams of the biggest business software vendor SAP AG experienced remarkable team building event in an authentic Bulgarian atmosphere. We organized a special Art Workshop, where all the team had a lot of fun, sharing their thoughts, ideas and achievements in unusual way. The leading software specialists proved to be very good artists. We believe sharing their talents would make them even better and more productive team.