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Неделя, 16 Юни 2019


Choose your self


Eventus initiates the holding of special antis tress activities on the laziest day of the week  - the Sunday.  We suggest that you traded your usual way of relaxing with something much more valuable and exciting. Interesting programs in the span of several hours, which will fill you with positive energy that will last.  Try, we are positive that you will come back. We have chosen to start this series of Sundays with one magical relax – though music. Spend some time in the here and now! Hear and express your self! Reach the people around you with the help of rhythm. After that we have an  art weekend, dedicated to the painting on silk. We offer you non traditional way of relaxation  - Art in extremely pleasant and creative atmosphere. Fill your self with positive energy and enthusiasm! Steal some time just for your self!Expect also “cigar temptation”, special family programs, relaxation in accordance with the principles of Chinese philosophy (thui show&chi gong) and many others....